Since 2019 I am a partner in the coaches- and goalkeeping drills platform: KeepTotal.
KeepTotal was founded by Elise van der Linde. KeepTotal’s main goal is to develop a learning path for youth goalkeepers and at the same time to provide the goalkeeping coaches with drills to improve their goalkeepers and guide them to a higher level.

Coaches can become a member of KeepTotal by getting a personal account or a group account. Inside the group account more coaches within the same club can use the KeepTotal content.

Arno van Zwam (a.o. Aden den Haag, Dutch National Team and Anderlecht) has played an important role in creating a learning path and the video taping of the drills.
In the future also my excersises will be an exclusive part of the KeepTotal content.