Schools & Camps

MAGC is the owner of a number of goalkeeping schools, that work with the “Pro Goal Method”.
Besides that, schools who want to keep their own identity can also operate under our flag. These schools, can continue working as they did, but on the other hand benefit from the extra’s this cooperation brings them.

All schools will get a software package, they can use our excercise database, and coaches will meet several times a year for an update course. Goalkeepers and coaches will receive a discount on PEAK goods and they can also participate in the International Goalkeeping Camps and the annual Goalkeeping Event. At the moment we work together with a number of schools in Holland and Belgium that participate in this concept.

PEAKELITE is planning for 2 goalkeeping camps every year:

1 summer camp in the UK and 1 wintercamp between Christmas and
New Year. In the past we organized our winter camps in Spain
(Barcelona, Villareal, Valencia) and in Lisbon (Benfica)..