Pro Goal Method

During my career, I worked with several goalkeepers of several ages, levels and backgrounds. The challenge for me was to give these goalkeepers tools to improve technical – tactical, physical and mentally. During my search to create a universal method, I also developed to become a better coach, by looking at new/other idea’s with an open mind.

For sure there are “more roads that lead to Rome”, but in the past the “Pro Goal Method” proved itsself on both professional and amature level. Everything I preach, has proven it’s value on the field:

The key points of my method are:

  • attacking the ball
  • positioning on shots outside the box: close to the goal line
  • constant adjusting to the position of the ball
  • detailled explanation on ALL technical elements
  • connect all these elements in a total-training-concept; try to create an allround goalkeeper
  • mental aspects are a part of every exercise
  • awareness of your tasks (positioning, coaching etc.) at set pieces